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3D Medical Solution

Medi Pix helps you with achieve your training, education, and your marketing goals by delivering medical animations, medical illustrations and VR videos. We will tell your story with accuracy in breathtaking quality. With 3D computer animation, anything that can be imagined is possible to create in a way that is compelling, educational, entertaining, and engaging. By choosing Medi Pix as your strategic creative partner, the possibilities are endless. Start a medical animation, illustration, or a VR project today.

Visualization Effect

Our medical animation company blends highly trained medical videos and animators to create stunning medical content.

Custom Solutions

Our team does not just work from the information they already have. Our solutions are custom made according to your request.

Quality & Accuracy

We accurately represent your medical devices and surgical procedures using software tools used to make motion to achieve your goals.

Diverse Experience

Our medical animations and interactive 3D experiences have helped our clients in a wide variety of medical fields bring story to life.

Organizations that we help

Medical corporations


Medical start-ups


Medical Devices

Communication agencies



The mission of Medi Pix Animation is to give total transparency about medical procedures and medical products throughout the whole healthcare industry with medical animation. 


Our vision is that nobody within the healthcare industry misunderstands products or procedures for both patients and organizations with the help of animation. 

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Meet Our Professional Team

Our talented team comes to work everyday with joy to deliver the highest quality animation. 

medical experts

Why Choose Medi Pix

7 years of experience

Team is composed out of medical experts, design specialists and marketing & communication experts.

Committed team

Specialized in the healthcare industry

We know how animation boosts you organization