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3D medical illustrations are useful elements that help explain human anatomy and physiology; making it easier to understand diseases, pathologies, injuries and treatment options. Medi Pix Animation is a medical illustration company that works in the field of computer rendering of human anatomy and science illustration.
Scientific Illustration helps to grab and hold the viewer’s attention for longer, immersing them in your film in order to make a deeper and more lasting impression.
This puts the viewer in control of what they watch – a highly effective way to engage with them.

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Most Popular Questions

What is the requirements of starting your project?

We need the script, narration, a photo of your product, or a simple story line of your animation to understand the concept/subject. Then we will put up more questions related to the project so we can have a complete understanding and know the details.

Can you provide voice over ?

Yes, we can. We will hire professional voice over specialist for an extra cost. However, we always suggest that the client provides us with the voice over before we start

How is the process of working with us?

We will provide multiple updates including previews and still images of how we have visualized. After relevant approvals, we will render the complete video.

What if I do not have a 3D model of my product?

If you have at least a prototype, there should be a 3D model somewhere, so ask your designer/engineer first for a prototype. 3D modelling will come at additional costs based on the products complexity: send some images/drawings of your product (with scales clearly visible), so we can give you a rough estimate. Please request a quote for this. 


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